Little Pumpkin Doodle Update

Hope you’re ready for the weekend, I know I am! I thought I would update this posting since it’s been awhile. Here are some updates on Little Pumpkin Doodle’s favorite things as she grows.

WHAT SHE’S LEARNING: French and Gymnastics

FAVORITE SONGS:B52’s Love Shack, Who let the Dogs, Le Petite Train and Heads UP, by Steve Vai

BOOKS: All things Fancy Nancy, Pirates of the Sea and Dog, by Matthew Van Fleet

SHOWS: Secret Agent Oso and Jungle Junction

FUNNY QUIRKS. She still names all her dresses, and her all time fave is Laura Ashley (she wears it all the time). Her new funny quirk is stopping and doing this dance where she shakes her hands and drops to the ground, for some reason she thinks it’s hilarious.

FAVORITE PAST TIME: Ballet and reading her books.

Thank you for your readership:)

Stay tuned for more to come.

Wordless Wednesday

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Mommy’s Organics prouduct review of The Laundress

Dry cleaning is one of my least favorite things to pay for, not only do I know it’s bad for my clothing and the environment; it’s so darn expensive. Being that I work in a corporate environment I have a lot of clothing that is dry clean only. So after reading an article from Big Green Purse , I knew I had to find a dry cleaning alternative and ordered  The Laundress Delicate Wash soap.

The company set out to eliminate the need for expensive dry cleaning with toxic chemicals and the two Fiber Science, Textile & Apparel Cornell educated women created The Laundress.

I ordered it four months ago and have been very hesitant to try it. I really don’t have an excuse, except that since it’s been so hot, I’ve tried to only wear cotton.  [Read more…]

10 Steps to prepare for baby, so you can catch some zzzz’s

Hi There! I would like to welcome guest blogger Nina from Sleeping Should be Easy. This is the second time Nina has contributed to Mommy’s Organics and I’m thrilled. She’s here today with some great tips on how to prepare for baby, so you can actually get some sleep.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Sinfully Cinnamon Peach Crisp Recipe

Hi There! Hope your staying cool and enjoying the summer.

Thought I would share the last couple of days with you. At the top are peaches from grandpa’s house, Little Pumpkin Doodle and I taking a self-portrait, Pinterest fun for kids and organic homemade condensed milk for our homemade organic easy ice cream recipe.

Since we had so many peaches from our visit to grandpa’s  last week, we made  Cinnamon Peach Crisps. We prepared the crisps in the late afternoon and baked them in the evening after 7pm to conserve energy. They were sinfully perfect with our homemade ice cream. It was our first time baking with a mason jar and it turned out great.

Don’t forget I’ll be updating the Mommy’s Organics site about once a week while our site get’s a makeover.

Check out the recipe below !

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Fashion “Friendly” Friday

Mommy's OrganicsHi There! Fashion “Friendly” Friday is where I show you how I’m turning my closet & Little Pumpkin Doodle’s into an environmentally friendly wardrobe by learning to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. [Read more…]


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