Where to find “Green Eco-friendly” party supplies

Little Pumpkin Doodle is what I like to call a girly girl with grit. She plays with her dump trucks while wearing her tutu. We spend a lot of time at our local tractor museum, and anytime we are in the car, she’s quick to point out different types of mechanical equipment. I’d like to fancy myself as a girly girl with grit, but I know my closest friends would just categorize me as a girly girl.
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10 Things you shouldn’t say to a friend struggling with infertility

BIOlogicalOne of the things I haven’t told many people is that I struggled with infertility. Being a mother is something most women dream about,  so when my husband and I struggled to have our daughter “organically,” I quickly realized our dream may not come to true. Three  surgeries, two rounds of IVF and one round of IUI, I was heart broken. I concluded a baby wasn’t going to happen. Although we received our bundle of joy by conceiving the old fashion way, there are just some things you  shouldn’t say to a friend struggling with infertility. [Read more…]

15 methods to more “Organically” beautiful skin

Since I’ve recently lost my makeup bag, and I’m going to replace the products with organic skin care, it inspired me to share with you how I keep my skin looking “organically” beautiful.

First, let me tell you, I was blessed with genetically good skin. I have my mother and grandmother to thank for that. However, I don’t take it for granted.
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Rocking Chair Redo

Rocking Chair RedoI’ve had this rocking chair since I was two years old. It was in my first apartment after college and has traveled with me everywhere since. I managed to keep it in tact, but more importantly, my hope was that one day I would have a child and they would enjoy it like I did. One of my most vivid memories, is getting in trouble by my mother after my older brother and I used marking pens to color the seat.

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