Fashion Frugal Friday

yfffHi There! Anyone do any bargain shopping lately?  I did, and found a blouse that sings summer. Furthermore, don’t you just love it when you find a piece of clothing that makes you happy?

For readers who are stopping by for the first time; Fashion Frugal Friday is where I share with you my bargain thrift store finds.

Fashion Frugal Friday

This Fashion Frugal Friday find was purchased on March 30th, the day I wrote the “Goodwill Hunting” post, see here.  I did some serious Goodwill shopping that day. It took forever to get the blouse back from the dry cleaners because I forgot it was there.  I paid $3.99, and after I had a  seamstress take the blouse in on both sides, the total price was $5.99. I’ve recently purchased a sewing machine, so I don’t have to visit the seamstress. I think it was well worth it; what do you think?

The blouse was made in the Philippines and it’s embroidered in the front, on the sleeves and in the back. I know if I had purchased this from Anthropologie, it would have easily cost me over $ 65.00 dollars. And I have a cute summer outfit happens to go perfectly with a skirt I purchased from Anthropologie 3 years ago.

What are you weekend plans? This afternoon Little Pumpkin Doodle and I are heading out to do some errands and over the weekend we’re hoping to go to the San Diego County Fair.

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  1. Id like to see a picture of you wearing the shirt with the skirt your talking about 🙂

  2. Immacula Genece says:

    Nice top i like it, i agree i would like to see it on you.

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