Real Purity blush review

BlushReview.4I recently lost my makeup and thought it was time I share my Real Purity blush review.

For some reason my cheeks are very sensitive to blush. I think it’s the chemicals in the product, as well as the tools I use. In the past I would  get a rash on my cheeks after wearing blush. I eventually found a blush that didn’t give me a rash side effect, but now I want to find blush with  more natural ingredients to go with my new-found natural/organic makeup journey.

Don’t judge a blush by it’s website picture

I did a lot of research online and made a couple of purchases and returns. It’s difficult to find natural/organic blush colors when you have darker skin, but I finally decided on Real Purity (Indian Dust) powder blush. The ingredients are listed on the web site: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxide, Organica Silica, Vitamin E, Pycnogenol, and the colors seemed to appear deep enough to show up on my skin tone. You may also buy samples of the products, but I decided to skip the sample and go for it.

I was perplexed when the blush arrived, since the Indian Blush didn’t look anything close to what I had ordered.  In my opinion, the color below (my Indian Blush)  is more in the dark coral/pink range, versus the picture that appears on their website in the photo above (far left), so it sat on the counter for weeks.

Indian Dust-Real Purity

Once I finally tried the blush, I loved it🙂  The color looked great on my skin and I’ve been wearing it for 3 weeks without a skin reaction.

Pros: The price was great ($14.00), deep pigmentation, cruelty free, they support Breast Cancer awareness and you can purchase most of the products in sample size.

Cons: The color chart photo didn’t match the actual product.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 pumpkins (why pumpkins? my daughter’s nickname is Little Pumpkin Doodle)

Update: I purchased the ecotools blush brush and love it

Have you ever had a bad skin reaction to a beauty product?

Hope this review has been helpful.

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