10 Things you should NEVER say to a woman with fertility challenges!

One of the things I haven’t told many people is that I struggled with fertility. Being a mother is something most, not ALL women dream about, so when my husband and I struggled to have our daughter “organically” I quickly realized our dream may not come to fruition. After 3 surgeries, 2 rounds of IVF and 1 round of IUI, nothing worked. Although we received our bundle of joy by conceiving the old fashion way, there are just some things you NEVER should say to a woman with fertility challenges. [Read more…]

Simple ways to keep it “Green” in the kitchen

I’m always trying to find greener ways to clean things, especially in the kitchen. When Little Pumpkin Doodle came along I was out of control. I had hand sanitizer everywhere and was constantly wiping things down with vinegar and water. Below are a few easy solutions to keeping things green while cleaning the kitchen. [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday

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Refreshing Cold Summer Soup Recipe

Many years ago I had the opportunity to spend time in the Canary Islands on the island of Las Palmas. While I was there I was fortunate enough to learn to cook some authentic Spanish cuisine, and it’s also where I had my first Mojito.
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Fashion “Friendly” Friday

For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, Fashion “Friendly” Friday is where I show you how I’m turning my closet into an environmentally friendly wardrobe by learning to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. [Read more…]

My Eco-Fairy

Little Pumpkin Doodle is what I like to call a girly girl with grit. She plays with her dump trucks while wearing her tutu. We spend a lot of time at our local tractor museum, and anytime we are in the car, she’s quick to point out different types of mechanical equipment. I’d like to fancy myself as a girly girl with grit, but I know my closest friends would just categorize me as a girly girl.
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Wordless Wednesday


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