Fostering Memories

The picture on your left is Little Pumpkin Doodle at 12 days old. I was so blessed to have my friend Laurie, a photographer and social worker take pictures of LPD.  I can’t wait until she gets older to go through her baby books with her and share funny stories.  Imagine if you didn’t have pictures of yourself when you were growing up, or you didn’t have pictures of your little one. [Read more…]

Spring “Green” Cleaning

Yeah, it’s the first day of spring!  I usually celebrate by taking the day off of work and doing something fun outside, but not today. I’ve decided to do some Spring “Green” Cleaning. I don’t like clutter, so my hubby would tell you that I spring clean all year around.
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Can you organically discipline your child?

Do you have challenges disciplining your little one, I know I do. I don’t want to be to strict, or  to lenient. I want to foster Little Pumpkin Doodle’s self-esteem. But how do I do all that, without being mean mommy? Lucky for me, I have author and educator, Lisa Kinka on speed dial.

Today, Lisa will share with us organic parenting tips and answer the question, can you organically discipline your child? [Read more…]

I Like Myself!

Almost every Saturday Little Pumpkin Doodle and Hubby go to Barnes and Noble, so that LPD may play with the giant train set. However, last Saturday when LPD said, “Mommy you come to book store too,” I couldn’t refuse.
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