Where to find “Green Eco-friendly” party supplies

Little Pumpkin Doodle is what I like to call a girly girl with grit. She plays with her dump trucks while wearing her tutu. We spend a lot of time at our local tractor museum, and anytime we are in the car, she’s quick to point out different types of mechanical equipment. I’d like to fancy myself as a girly girl with grit, but I know my closest friends would just categorize me as a girly girl.
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15 methods to more “Organically” beautiful skin

Since I’ve recently lost my makeup bag, and I’m going to replace the products with organic skin care, it inspired me to share with you how I keep my skin looking “organically” beautiful.

First, let me tell you, I was blessed with genetically good skin. I have my mother and grandmother to thank for that. However, I don’t take it for granted.
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Real Purity blush review

BlushReview.4I recently lost my makeup and thought it was time I share my Real Purity blush review.

For some reason my cheeks are very sensitive to blush. I think it’s the chemicals in the product, as well as the tools I use. In the past I would  get a rash on my cheeks after wearing blush. I eventually found a blush that didn’t give me a rash side effect, but now I want to find blush with  more natural ingredients to go with my new-found natural/organic makeup journey.

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My 10 Favorite Products from Vermont

VT3When I think of  natural and quality products two states come to mind, Oregon and  Vermont. I thought I would share my 10 favorite products from Vermont. Before eating Vermont cheddar I thought all cheddar cheese was orange.

So when I came across this small poster “I love you from here to Vermont,” from Hop Skip Jump Paper; my first thought was I have to buy it for my mother-in-law (my hubby and mother-in-law are from VT), and my second thought got me thinking about of some of the great products that she sends me for my birthday and other occasions. [Read more…]