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Are you interested in submitting an article to the Mommy’s Organics blog?

Take a look around the blog to get a feel for the content, goals, and topics. Generally topics focus on organic baby products, caring for mom and baby before, during, and after pregnancy. A discussion from a parent’s perspective are welcome. Submit content for a guest post based on the guidelines below:
Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Send us an email and share your article topic. After the topic is reviewed and received, you will start writing your article with the following guidelines:
  • Write in a concise, easy, conversational tone.
  • Make your post easy to scan by using headings, sub-headings, bold text for emphasis or bullet points.
  • Posts should be of reasonable length, 400 – 900 words.
  • A picture is worth 1000 words, include images that relate to the content of the post. Photos must be properly attributed and credited.
  • You are allowed (within reason) to add links within your post. Please limit links to your own websites.
  • Please edit and proof read your post carefully. Poorly written content will not be posted.
  • Include a brief bio, including a photo of yourself, and explain who you are and what you do.
How to submit your guest post:

  • Write the post as a draft post on your blog. Copy and past the HTML and email it to me as a .txt attachment
  • Or submit your post in Word or plain text format such as Notepad.
  • Submit images separately as email attachments.
What You Receive for Guest Posting:

  • Blog traffic: We’ll add a link to your website at the introduction to your post.
  • Social network traffic:  In your short bio at the end of the post be sure to including links to your social networking sites.
  • Access to the Mommy’s Organics network:  We will promote your post on our RSS Feed, as well as our Facebook and Twitter readers.
Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.