Is there such a thing as a “Manly” Diaper Bag?

Let’s face it ladies, when you’re pregnant it’s all about you.  How you’re feeling, what you’re craving, blah, blah, blah.  What about your man?  You have to admit he is left by the wayside.

When I found out I was pregnant it was January, and since father’s day wasn’t until June, I thought it would be nice to surprise my hubby with a Father’s day gift on Valentine’s day.   My husband is very comfortable with his [Read more…]

Fresh Fresh Baby

Let’s face it babies are darn cute, but sometimes what comes out the other end is foul.  I have a real sensitive nose and my hubby does not like the smell of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Air Therapy (both environmentally friendly).  When Little Pumpkin Doodle was first-born we didn’t put her dirty diapers in the Diaper Genie;  my hubby would actually go to the dumpster every time she pooped (true story). [Read more…]