Cocktails, Jazz & Cupcakes, Oh my!

Sunday morning was hectic, I had lost my debit card and after looking for three hours needed a break. Instead of getting upset, Sis and I went out for a cocktail at The Vintage. Known for their fondue, tapas, crepes and cocktails, Sis figured it was a great way to forget my loss. [Read more…]

Fashion Frugal Friday

Happy Friday! For those or those of you that have been reading, you know that I spent some time in Oregon and was thrilled by all the resale stores. If this is your first time stopping by, Fashion “Frugal” Fridays is where I show you how I save money and still clothe my family by learning to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse..

Here’s what I found for Little Pumpkin Doodle during my stay.

The coral dress is Cherokee and is big for LPD, but should be perfect for next summer. It was $3.00 bucks in perfect condition.

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I have F.M.E -Farmers Market Envy

That's me on the left and my beautiful sis on the right

That’s me on the left and my beautiful sis on the right

Thanks for continuing to join me on my trip to Oregon!
The Eugene, Oregon Saturday Market puts your local farmers market to shame. From fortune tellers, hippies playing hackey sac, hand made children toys, food and much more. Located near the university, this Eugene tradition is buzzing with energy. I was so happy to have my niece and nephews join me for this unique experience. [Read more…]

Our Little Herb Garden

It’s Monday already. Wow, that weekend sure went fast. On Friday, Little Pumpkin Doodle and I headed over to Home Depot. I’m not a gardener, in fact I find it stressful. I tend to kill the heartiest of plants. However, if I’m going to teach LPD about living an organic lifestyle, I figured she better learn how to grow some fruits, herbs or vegetables. [Read more…]