10 Things you shouldn’t say to a friend struggling with infertility

BIOlogicalOne of the things I haven’t told many people is that I struggled with infertility. Being a mother is something most women dream about,  so when my husband and I struggled to have our daughter “organically,” I quickly realized our dream may not come to true. Three  surgeries, two rounds of IVF and one round of IUI, I was heart broken. I concluded a baby wasn’t going to happen. Although we received our bundle of joy by conceiving the old fashion way, there are just some things you  shouldn’t say to a friend struggling with infertility. [Read more…]

Have you ever heard of Tea Oil?

I’d like to thank Mommy’s Organics for having me as their first guest blogger.  My name is Stephanie, and my company Royalmajestea sells organic tea and oils.  I met E. Palencsar when she contacted me about my article on pregnancy and tea, and we’ve been talking tea ever since. [Read more…]

Belly Bandit Bamboozled

During one of my many OBGYN visits, I did what most pregnant woman do, rub their bellies, stare at each other,  compare swollen ankles, and flip through prego magazines.  I came across an ad for a Belly Bandit.  What is it you might ask?  It’s basically a fancy abdominal compression wrap/girdle that helps reduce the swelling of the uterus and gives you abdominal & back support.  The result is a flatter tummy.

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Maternity Wear Mishap


I’m tall by today’s standards, almost 5 ft 9” and finding maternity clothing was a challenge.  I didn’t really start showing until I was almost 6 months along, so I was able to wear a lot of my regular clothing. O.K.,  I know what you’re thinking; she’s one of those skinny chicks!  I wish; actually, I was sick throughout my entire pregnancy and didn’t exactly start the pregnancy as a size  zero.  Let me assure you, not even on my best day! [Read more…]