Here’s a fantastic way to recycle your child’s pajamas!

pjsAre you looking for a fantastic way to recycle your child’s pajamas?  With cooler temperatures arriving in just a few weeks not every little one has what need this fall & winter.

A  few weeks ago while walking through a street fair a kind woman stopped us to give Little Pumpkin Doodle and I a bag full of goodies. The volunteer was from Leez PJ’s 4 Kids– a non-profit that collects pajamas for kids in need that are homeless or in foster care. [Read more…]

How to Get More Use Out of Onesies

OnesiesHappy Friday! For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, Fashion Frugal Friday-“how to get more use out of onesies,” is where I share with you my bargain finds.

However, this posting is a little different. Let me explain, we’ve been pretty lazy about potty training Little Pumpkin Doodle, but after she had an accident on the sofa (eeeek!) we decided to get it together. So what does a onesie have to do with potty training?

We thought we were doing the right thing by asking LPD if she had to go potty and then encouraging her to use the potty by giving her praise. Even after all the praise, she continued to pee in her pull ups. It was no surprise when I picked her up from daycare last week that she was wearing a different outfit then what I put her in that morning. [Read more…]

Fashion “Frugal” Friday-Goodwill Hunting

Hi There.  So, if you been following Mommy’s Organics you know that Friday is the day I usually have an outfit together. My goal is to continue to save money and recycle, reduce or reuse clothing.  However, I didn’t find anything in my usual shops and have a few items to donate. Since Little Pumpkin Doodle is at daycare today, I’m heading out and shopping 3 thrift stores in a neighboring city.  I thought I would pick an inspiration outfit, but I decided it would be more fun to see what I can find organically:)

As for this weekend, we have no big plans since hubby has to work.  LPD and I are going to browse the local farmers market tomorrow and hopefully find some veggies to grow.  LPD can’t wait to grow veggies, so she can use the watering can my mother gave her.  I’m not good with plants, but I’m willing to give it a try. Any tips on growing veggies would be greatly appreciated.

I’m off!  I really hope I find some great finds today, since my budget is $20.00

Hope you have a great weekend.  Thank you for growing Mommy’s Organics:) If you stopped by for the 1st time subscribe and read more here.

Fashion “Frugal” Friday

It’s Friday! This weekend we’re going to a birthday party, so yesterday Little Pumpkin Doodle and I went to Barnes & Noble to pick out a gift for my friend’s daughter, who will be turning 3.  As you know B&N is one of LPD’s favorite places, so once we arrived it was it was difficult to get her to leave. We managed to leave the store without a meltdown once hubby arrived. [Read more…]