Fashion Frugal Friday

yfffHi There! Anyone do any bargain shopping lately?  I did, and found a blouse that sings summer. Furthermore, don’t you just love it when you find a piece of clothing that makes you happy?

For readers who are stopping by for the first time; Fashion Frugal Friday is where I share with you my bargain thrift store finds. [Read more…]

Fashion “Frugal” Friday-Happy Easter!

Happy Friday! This is such a big weekend. We have a lot of fun things planned for Little Pumpkin Doodle. She doesn’t quite understand Easter, but she’s enjoying all the gifts from her wonderful family. Nanna sent LPD a very large box filled with Easter goodies. I’m surprised she’s being so patient and waiting until Daddy gets home to open it. One adorable Easter gfit LPD received is a custom t-shirt from Tante Lisa, by Lima Bean Kids. Since LPD has a slightly unusual name, it’s difficult to find items with her name on it, so it was a nice surprise. [Read more…]

Fashion “Frugal” Friday-Goodwill Hunting

Hi There.  So, if you been following Mommy’s Organics you know that Friday is the day I usually have an outfit together. My goal is to continue to save money and recycle, reduce or reuse clothing.  However, I didn’t find anything in my usual shops and have a few items to donate. Since Little Pumpkin Doodle is at daycare today, I’m heading out and shopping 3 thrift stores in a neighboring city.  I thought I would pick an inspiration outfit, but I decided it would be more fun to see what I can find organically:)

As for this weekend, we have no big plans since hubby has to work.  LPD and I are going to browse the local farmers market tomorrow and hopefully find some veggies to grow.  LPD can’t wait to grow veggies, so she can use the watering can my mother gave her.  I’m not good with plants, but I’m willing to give it a try. Any tips on growing veggies would be greatly appreciated.

I’m off!  I really hope I find some great finds today, since my budget is $20.00

Hope you have a great weekend.  Thank you for growing Mommy’s Organics:) If you stopped by for the 1st time subscribe and read more here.

Can I make the full switch to organic cleanser?

Since I lost my makeup bag I’m slowly making the switch to organic beauty products. However, there’s one  product that I’m having difficulty giving up and that’s Philosophy Purity cleanser. It smells like a day spa (relaxing), but after careful inspection it doesn’t have the best [Read more…]