My 10 Favorite Products from Vermont

VT3When I think of  natural and quality products two states come to mind, Oregon and  Vermont. I thought I would share my 10 favorite products from Vermont. Before eating Vermont cheddar I thought all cheddar cheese was orange.

So when I came across this small poster “I love you from here to Vermont,” from Hop Skip Jump Paper; my first thought was I have to buy it for my mother-in-law (my hubby and mother-in-law are from VT), and my second thought got me thinking about of some of the great products that she sends me for my birthday and other occasions. [Read more…]

Little Pumpkin Doodle is allergic to what?

Sock Prayer Flags.When you’re a first time mom, you tend to notice everything, every gurgle, giggle and burp your child makes. I admit, I used to try to stay up all night to see if I could see Little Pumpkin Doodle growing. So it was no surprise that one day after my husband changed Little Pumpkin Doodle I noticed what appeared to be a ”burn” on her leg.  I asked him if he’d burned her and he looked at me as if I was losing it. [Read more…]